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This directory and those below it have configuration files, executables, and information for setup of the Unix side of Mac OS X:
dot-files for customization of: bash, X11, vim
locally-installed programs, man pages
backup by cloning
tutorial files: system configuration, file downloading, comments on Mac OS X, etc.

The files were developed under Mac OS X 10.3; they also should work for 10.4.

The intent is to give examples of files and procedures for customization of OS X, for use or for study particularly by those relatively new to Unix conventions.

Directory listing for: Configuration

[Selective listing. No files listed for lower level directories. Dot-files may not display under some browsers -- the corresponding dot-deleted files are otherwise identical and will display.]

|-- .Xauthority		empty - a reminder/placeholder
|-- .Xresources		long; customized prefs; from SGI Octane + minor mods
|-- .bash_aliases	customized aliases, functions, environment, and more
|-- .bash_aliases_pers	customized aliases, for personal use
|-- .bash_profile	login shell - source .bashrc
|-- .bash_setup		basic bash setup, mod customized SGI ksh .profile
|-- .bashrc		control sourcing: bash_setup + bash_aliases; fortune
|-- .inputrc		set editor vi
|-- .rhosts		empty - a reminder/placeholder
|-- .signature		dot-sig
|-- .vimrc		customized vim [vi] configuation file
|-- .xinitrc		customize startup of X11 app - .Xresources, apps
|-- .xtermcontrol	set xterm colors, geometry, font
|-- 0README		this file
|-- [A-Za-z]??*		above dot-files, with dot removed (same content)
|-- 0burn-050529	directory - information & files for mac os x confign.
    |-- 0README		README file for mac os x configuration
    |-- bin		directory - local executables: binaries and scripts
    |-- mac-notes	directory - info and tutorial files that may be worth a read
    |-- man		directory - man pages for "bin" executables
    '-- root		directory - .hidden 
        `-- clone-info	directory - mkbackup = script for cloning and related files
            `-- clone-050525	directory - files tracking a cloning

Home-directory dot-files

The directory Configuration has a set of dot-files for configuration of the Unix capabilities of Mac OS X. The directory has also a set of files with the same content and name as the dot-files, except the lead "dot" of the name has been removed.

To install, copy dot-files, excluding .DS_Store, to the Home directory, e.g.:

cp -p ./.[!D][!S]??* ~

The configuration is necessarily idiosyncratic. A user might want to examine the files before installing. However, blind installation should do no harm.

The customization files for the Mac OS X default shell, /bin/bash, are:
.bash_profile - set up personal environment for login shell:
source .bash_rc
.bashrc - set up personal environment, aliases, and functions
source .bash_setup, .bash_aliases, .bash_aliases_pers
.bash_setup - set up environment
.bash_aliases, .bash_aliases_pers - set up aliases and functions

The file .bash_setup depends on the structure of the site (which files, where) and on information such as GIS coordinates.

The files .bash_aliases and .bash_aliases_pers express personal choices such as the size of the history file, what customized functions are to be available, etc.

The file .inputrc configures the readline library used by bash.

X11 is configured by the files:
load .Xresources and .Xmodmap (if present)
start some programs, e.g., xman and an xterm
exec (pass control to) quartz-wm, the Mac OS X aqua window manager
controls the appearance of xterm windows, xman, and other X11 programs;
this version is a slight modification of an old one used with Irix on an SGI octane -- it needs considerable further revision.

The file .vimrc configures vim, the open source replacement for vi.

Several dot-files are present as placeholders or skeletons:
.Xauthority and .rhosts
configure network access
configure xterm
user identification, appended to email, etc.
As noted, a user might want to examine and modify the dot-files before installing, in particular:
.bash_setup and .bash_aliases* -- to adapt to the site directory structure, to change the default editor, the aliases and functions, etc.
.Xresources -- to change appearance of the xterm window
.xinitrc -- to change the selection of X11 programs launched at startup
.signature -- unless one wants to be me

Executables, man pages, and explanatory information

The directory ./0burn-050529 (click for access) has information and files for configuration of Mac OS X, beyond the installation of Home directory configuration files.

The directory ./0burn-050529/bin has executables (mostly locally-created or obscure binaries and scripts); man pages are in ./0burn-050529/man. Sources for the binaries, compilable under Mac OS X 10.3, are in the directory ../../Code/src (filepaths are given relative to this directory, Configuration; src is a sibling directory of Configuration).

Executables in ./0burn-050529/bin that I use with more than average frequency:

string-search for running program, and optionally kill it;
a Kernighan & Pike example
min and max line lengths for a file; old source code
old BSD code (1980) -- better than system default version
prepend dated comments to a file of notes
output useful sun/moon/date information; written by Marc T. Kaufman, as rise-set or sdate
hoc and hexcalc
Kernighan & Pike examples showing use of yacc-lex -- hexcalc remains useful
rename files by pattern replacement
old ATT code (1989) -- better than system default version
blone and blout
compress runs of blank lines, or remove all blank lines from file
convert MS-style or Mac-style line endings to Unix style
show location for an areacode, or areacode for a location;
must be updated occasionally;
may be less useful now, because of cell phones and the right to retain and transfer telno;
based on a script by Alexander Dupuy

The script ./0burn-050529/root/clone-info/mkbackup clones the system to another drive or partition (a bootable backup).

The file ./0burn-050529/0README has suggestions on how to set up Mac OS X.

Files in the directory ./0burn-050529mac-notes give additional information on Mac OS X and its configuration. The most useful, IMHO, are mac-done-summary and mac-comments.

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0burn-050529 (directory)
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man (subdirectory)
mac-notes (subdirectory)