Sources, scripts: Code

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The Code directory has the following subdirectories -- the links are to web pages with more-or-less detailed descriptions, or to the directory index:
./ 0Downloads -- a directory with gzipped tar files of the contents of each of the following directories.
./Configuration -- configuration files, executables, and information for setup of the Unix side of Mac OS X.
./Contests -- some years ago, when a question on code was posted on comp.lang.c or certain other netgroups, a thread might have started, presenting different solutions to the problem, in effect a contest. This directory has several threads of this kind, from the late 1980's.
./PostScript -- PostScript programs, "hand-written" in the PostScript language (i,e., not machine generated) and thus not difficult to tweak.
./R-Scripts -- R is a system for statistical computation and graphics. As GNU S it is the free software successor to S, over which it arguably is a significant improvement. This directory has scripts for various biophysical computations.
./Scripts -- a collection of shell scripts that are, IMHO, particularly useful.
./src -- source code for upwards of 20 programs that range from useful, to of historic or tutorial interest, to somewhat silly. All compile under Mac OS X 10.3.