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has a collection of images of progenitors, descendants, and members of the McKay family of Spokane, Washington, and the Ruud family of Waterville, Washington. The families settled in Spokane and Waterville prior to 1900. Emphasis is on those born earlier than World War I. The nominal cutoff date for the images is 1945 -- a limit one expects will be violated in the case of recent photographs of general interest. The site contains also genealogical information.

Families intertwine. The collection includes images for members of families other than McKay or Ruud, including:

Bond, Jagy, Lamperti, Moore, Fowler, Pangborn, Brown, Ballard, Butts, Pratt, Schumaker, Lawton, Worcester, Black, Morgan, Southard.

The site is active at this time. About 600 images have been posted in nine photogalleries.


provides storage and access for files of possible interest to the members and Board of Directors of El Encanto Estates Homeowners Association.