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Table of Contents

  1. New, Notable
  2. Amusing, Interesting
    1. Neat science
    2. Society, social science
    3. Computers, computerese, hackers, and the web
    4. Humor
    5. Arizona history, etc.
  3. Useful
    1. General Comments
    2. Catalog of Catalog Sites
    3. City of Tucson Government and City Services
    4. Pima County, State of Arizona, Federal Government, and related
    5. Directories, Databases, and Dictionaries
    6. Schools and Universities
    7. Media
    8. Utilities
    9. Museums, Art, Kultur, usw.
    10. Books, Libraries
    11. Medical
    12. Outdoors
    13. Shopping
    14. Miscellaneous
  4. Telephone Numbers and Telephone Directories


New, Notable


Amusing, Interesting

Well... at least one person sees these as amusing, interesting, whatever...

Neat science

Society, social science

Computers, computerese, hackers, and the web


Arizona history, etc.



General Comments

Tax and other dollars have made available effectively innummerable services and resources. With the net, information about these is instantly available. The problem perhaps is to provide a way to learn what's there.

To this end, the first section below is a catalog of catalog websites, i.e., websites that display a catalog of other websites, that in many cases recursively display more targeted catalogs.

If the catalog websites are good, no additional lists should be needed. None the less, we provide additional lists, grouping websites according to category of service. There are intentional duplicate entries.

Sites dealing with Tucson, Southern Arizona, and Arizona dominate the lists - an inevitable consequence of where we are and where we started from.

Please let us know of other websites you believe should be listed.

Catalog of Catalog Sites

City of Tucson Government, City Services

Pima County, State of Arizona, Federal Government, and related

Directories, databases, dictionaries

Schools, Universities



Museums, Art, Kultur, usw.

Books, Libraries






Telephone Numbers and Telephone Directories

Tucson Police Department
indent Information Line and For All Non-Emergencies
indent 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. - 7 Days a Week
Tucson Electric Power
indent Customer Service, Billing, Etc. 623-7711
indent 24-Hour Emergency Service 623-3451
Tucson Water
indent Customer Service, Billing, Etc. 791-3242
indent 24-Hour Emergency Service 791-4133
Southwest Gas
indent Customer Service, Billing, Etc. 889-1888
indent 24-Hour Emergency Service 746-1076
City Sanitation
indent Twice Weekly Garbage Pickup
indent Trash Inspectors
Tucson Curbside Recycling Program 791-3171
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Sites
indent Information 888-6947
Blue Stake
indent Mark Underground Utilities Before Digging 1-800-782-5348
City Councilman, Ward 6 (Midtown)
indent 2205 E. Speedway 791-4601
City Development Services
indent Building Permits, Inspectors, Etc. 791-5550
City Plannning Department
indent Neighborhood Plans, Area Plans, Board of Adjustment, Etc. 791-4505
City Zoning Information 791-4541
University of Arizona
indent Searchable Campus Map map.arizona.edu
indent Phonebook arizona.edu/phonebook/
City of Tucson Phonebook Contact Information
for City Departments
Pima County Phonebook Quick Reference Guide
InsideTucson.com Every Phone Number
you need...

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